Our Coffee Story


Cambodia is the one of the Country in Asian Community located is the southern portion of the indochinaPeninsula in Southeast Asia. Its total landmass is 181035 square kilometer, border by Thailand Vietnam and Laos.

Cambodia has a population of over 15million. The capital of Cambodia is Phnom Penh City and have 25 province, in these provinces the people around 60% are farmer that mostly like to grow Rice, Fruits, and Coffee.

  1. History of Coffee         

History of Coffee in Kingdom of Cambodia: 

Currently there is very little information on the history of coffee in Cambodia. The coffee grown in Cambodia is primarily Robusta coffee, and though the stories of the Arabica coffee being grown are quite numerous, the elevations in Cambodia very rarely exceed 800 meters (2624 ft.) making it difficult to grow any Arabica coffee, other than hybrids such as the category hybrid variety.

Thus, Mondulkiri Province is mountainous regions that predominant red soil of this province and it is excellent for a multitude of crops including rubber, most tropical fruits, black pepper, cassava, cashews, and of course coffee. Coffee farmers in these highlands are primarily made up of the indigenous (Bunong) people, that who have lived in the area since long-term ago. Even now their tribal customs and language have changed little and they remain a primarily agricultural people. They have always planted rice, though other crops such as coffee have been successfully introduced into their agricultural repertoire over the years.

Coffee Plant Agriculture:  Plants belong to the botanical genus Coffee in the family, which has many coffee plantation around 600 hectares as we known since 2008. Mondulkiri Coffee is grown in the hills of Mondulkiri province, in northeast of Cambodia, where the climate is cooler and the orchards are irrigated by mountain streams and Mondulkiri coffee beans to produce a coffee which is ideal for Cambodian.

Company was Establishment in 2008:  Company owner has own Factory and coffee farm, is located in Mondulkiri province. According of coffee processing thus, the owner has own raw materials as roasting and blending machine, grounding and packing machines; as company owner’s coffee was increasingly popular in national and international markets thus, the company owner has submitted about the legal permission from Ministry of Commerce to setup full registration own Company in Mondulkiri Province in 2011 called by “Coffee MK Mondulkiri Co., Ltd” is private limited company. Our coffee products’ famous and popular in to national and international markets.


Coffee MK Mondulkiri Co, LtD Company has set up for own standby team as follow;

  • Supplied to everywhere in Cambodia.
  • Supplying to every countries in the world.

 Our Company mission is to provide our customers with the finest coffees available across the entire spectrum of consumer tastes and preferences, at a fair price, while adhering to our guiding principles.


The experience of the coffee professionals, every time you want. Top Coffee Mondulkiri and realization of Khmer quality, groundbreaking design, the guarantee of perfect preparation every time - this is what makes Coffee MK Mondulkiri Co, Ltd a real worldwide authority on coffee.

Perfect for you, perfect like at the coffee.

Coffee Mondulkiri offers you good coffee like at the café, in the simple manner that you have always dreamed of at home. Our technology aims at helping you brew your favorite coffee easily and quickly. You follow your tastes and we put our experience at your service. You can personalize your coffee just as what you want, whenever you want. To taste it, just imagine it.


The pleasure of sharing enthusiasm.

Amaze your guests with their favorite’s coffee, served straight away - just like in a café. A good coffee is a moment to be shared with those close to your heart. Our Coffee MK Mondulkiri Co, LtD Company makes your home even more welcoming, creating a warm, relaxed atmosphere. All the pleasure of spending time with whom you want offering them the best.

Style speaks Cambodian.

Much more than a coffee. A way of life. An inborn passion for quality. We are Cambodian, so when it comes to producing coffee-making machines, we have the know-how that makes us stand out at world level. A cultural legacy that we carry with us and that is an integral part of our products. Coffee MK Mondulkiri Co,LtD is a company that looks to the future but does not forget its values, because tradition is just as important as innovation.